Optical components play a crucial role in metrology when it comes to measuring precisely and contact-free. Our products are mainly used in industrial metrology. Examples are angle- and lengths measurement devices.


An important application of our components is in optical sensor systems. Today, optical sensors are of essential importance in many different industrial sectors. Be it the machine building-, the automation-, the environmental-, the electronic, or the automotive industry – every time the task is to measure the position, completeness, or presence of objects, optical sensors are employed. Lenses made from glass offer a row of advantages compared to plastic optics. They are characterized by high environmental stability. Examples for this stability are a long lifetime and chemical resistance. Furthermore, glass lenses are applicable within a broad range of temperatures without changing their optical characteristics. Concrete application examples are barcode scanners, triangulation sensors, automatic placement machines, distance measurement, or thickness measurement of glass.


Resource efficient technologies gain importance in the face of global sustainability challenges such as climate change. At the same time cost advantages increasingly place sustainable technologies in the center of global markets’ attention. More and more often, optical glass components play an important role. One example is high concentrating photovoltaics (HCPV), a technology which will realize its full advantages only, when the involved glass optics within the system can be produced in extremely high volumes at very low cost. The same applies for the further development of semiconductor light sources. Despite the enormous efficiency and performance improvements of light emitting diodes (LED), the technology is only in its fledging stage. A full shift of paradigm will only take place, when the entire application efficiency and the cost of the entire system will be optimized. Just like with HCPV, one of the great challenges is to realize the economic production of very large volumes of the needed glass components in sufficient quality. By using multi-cavity molds and our innovative molding technology we are the right partner when large or very large quantities of high quality glass components are needed.


Optical lenses enable and improve a large number of medical methods using lasers. Our components are applied in cosmetic-laser devices, e.g. hair or wrinkle reduction. At the same time we supply lenses for diagnostic devices, be it illumination or imaging optics for endoscopes.


Street illumination systems within cars are so intelligent nowadays, they are able to adapt to curvy routes as well as to all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. Head-up displays are helpful when it comes to keeping the drivers attention to the important information. Optical systems play an important role in this development. We supply the high quality optics, which are indispensable for modern driver assistance systems.


There would be no high-speed data transmission without optical lenses. When browsing the internet, the generated data is transmitted as a sequence of extremely short light pulses via fiber optic cables. These light pulses are guided with the help of optical lenses. GD Optics has a long history of success producing the micro optics needed in telecommunications.