Founded in 1992, GD Optics develops and produces state of the art molded optics in glass for highest requirements. Today,the company is managed by Ullrich Bloecher and Margret Dross and employs 35 people in Sinn, Hesse.

Due to a highly flexible production process we are able to provide both- individual customized solutions and standard lenses for different applications:

Molded aspherical, spherical, acylindrical, cylindrical, torical lenses as well as molded optical components - prism elements, arrays, segmented lenses with a size / diameter range of 0.8 to 30 mm. Hardcoatings are offered as required.

Our components are applied in telecommunication systems, optical length and angle measurement, optical sensors, laserdiode collimators, laser distance measurement, bar code scanners, medical technology, optical data storage, illuminating systems and power laser systems.

In-house optical design, mold design and ultra-precise mold fabrication enable us to provide exceptional solutions. Special molding technology and state of the art equipment ensure a cost effective, highly competitive production. Low mold costs, compared to plastic molds, enable molded solutions in glass in smaller quantities also.

Therefore GD Optics is a high ranking and one of the most innovative producers in the market of opto-electronic suppliers.