Quality & Sustainability


GD Optics maintains a quality assurance system which is in conformance with IDIN/SO 9001 since 2008. The system is constantly reviewed and tested by our Quality Assurance Manager and adjusted to the changing requirements of the business.

The quality is ensured by involving all employees and precautionary measures on the one hand as well as consistent fault management on the other hand. The general managers as well as the Quality Assurance manager and other experienced personnel are responsible for the quality of all processes. We are committed to achieving an exceptional level of quality by constantly improving and further developing our technologies. We understand these measures as to be in our very own interest.



We are committed to the goal of environmental protection as well the efficient use of limited resources. It goes without saying that we comply with all environmental regulations regarding air- and water pollution prevention as well as the treatment and handling of waste.

Since January, 1st, 2014 our production relies on 100% renewable energy. We are therefore supplied with energy that does not originate from burning coal or oil, neither are we supplied with nuclear power. Looking at the year 2018, the release of 166 tons of greenhouse gases was avoided compared to the amount conventional energy suppliers usually emit for the given amount of energy that was needed.

Part of our external heat supply for our production space could be substituted by using waste heat of a modern compressor in September 2013. Furthermore we solely use recycled paper in all operational areas. Our waste management exceeds the legal requirements.

The greatest potential for environmental sustainability however resides in the energy not needed at all. The same applies for the use of resources. Our greatest impact therefore is the resource efficient further development of our production processes as well as the integration of sustainability within the core business.


As a business managed by its owners, longevity is the underlying  guideline of all our actions. A necessary requirement for the sustainability of our company is of course the realization of profit. No profit means no chance for reinvestment and no reinvestment means no chance to survive in the market in the long run. We realize our goals by maintaining a high equity ratio and high solvency. Both our high equity ratio and solvency provide us with an exceptional level of flexibility as well as independence. In practice that means we are a reliable partner for our employees, even in economic bust times and that we strive to identify the signs of the times and invest into new technologies at the right point in time – because a high equity ratio is not a sufficient goal in itself.

Working time is life time. We want our employees to feel valued as the individuals they are. We achieve a good working atmosphere by communicating openly, dealing constructively with mistakes, adequate remuneration and clear instructions. We are aware that our employees have private duties as well and want to enable them achieving what they want to achieve, while minimizing conflicts with business interests.