We are able to manufacture aspheres with a diameter of up to 30 mm. We gladly take over or assist with the design of the lens, but are at the same time ready to manufacture according to your drawing and specifications. New molding technologies allow for the production of biconvex or meniscus lenses. Besides our ability to manufacture laser collimating lenses, we are also profoundly experienced in designing and producing other types of aspheres, such as correctional lenses, to name just one example.

Standard aspheres

D: diameter
NA: numerical aperture
FL: focal length
WD: working distance
CA: clear aperture
CT: center thickness
ET: edge thickness
RMS: axial wave front aberration

Below please find an overview of our stock lenses. All Zemax files are downloadable for your convenience. For easy price inquiry, please click on the respective name of the lens you are interested in and let us know the desired quantity as well as the required hard coating.

LensNAFL (mm)WD (mm)ØD (mm)ØCA (mm)CT (mm)ET (mm)RMS (waves)λ (nm)Zemax File
AC 0020,402,001,502,541,600,800,500,041310 1550Zemax_Ac 002
AC 0240,472,861,713,002,701,840,960,051507Zemax_Ac 024
AC 0400,308,877,416,505,302,361,620,05635Zemax_Ac 040
AC 0550,2711,009,547,206,002,201,460,10635Zemax_Ac 055
AC 055a0,2511,009,546,005,502,201,510,10635Zemax_Ac 055a
AC 0570,328,005,516,375,104,003,280,05780Zemax_Ac 057
AC 0590,3015,0013,1410,509,103,001,760,10780Zemax_Ac 059
AC 0670,199,408,074,503,602,151,830,05715Zemax_Ac 067
AC 0900,286,505,005,003,802,562,050,05650Zemax_Ac 090
AC 1300,4315,2012,0715,0013,005,000,1976Zemax_Ac 130
AC 14411,329,758,007,2002,6630,08635Zemax_Ac 144