This newly, patent-registered and proprietarily by GD Optics manufactured beam twisting optical component may be employed for the efficient coupling of light from diode laser bars into optical fibers. Our Beam-shaping Mirror Array (BMA) is used in connection with an FAC-lens (Fast Axis Collimator). The FAC-lens first collimates the light perpendicular to the diode chip and to the direction of transmission (fast-axis). In the following step, every single beam is individually twisted by 90° through our BMA. The advantage of this arrangement is that only one more cylindrical lens (SAC-lens) is needed for collimation. Smaller spot diameters can be yielded with this type of arrangement than with a combination of an FAC-lens and SAC-Array.

The component solely relies on the reflection on its planar surfaces. In contrary to other available beam twisting devices, it does not feature any curved surfaces.  The alignment within the light path becomes considerably simplified this way.